My hands-on experience putting out a fire

Creating a culture of safety is very important in any workplace, and I would like to highlight how crucial this is in Protasco. While it is part of any employer’s obligation to ensure workplace safety, to me it is more than about any legal duty. It is about caring for each other and making sure that every day, everyone goes home to their loved ones.

Providing a safe workplace is not just about preventing accidents, it is also about knowing what to do when there is one. It is also important for everyone from the CEO to the newest employee to learn, so I was fully committed to attending Protasco’s MySafety Event recently.

First came the Fire Safety Talk, given by a team from Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Cyberjaya. We were shown different kinds of extinguishers, and the correct ones for different types of fire. An electrical fire for example should not be put out with water but with dry powder fire extinguishers. After that, Bomba gave us a demonstration and gave us an opportunity to learn how to operate a CO2 fire extinguisher to put out an oil based fire.

I was among those to get a hands-on experience.

I am proud that so many of my colleagues attended this event, and I know we will all do our bit to keep everyone safe every day.

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