I was honoured with the opportunity to share Protasco’s achievements on Astro Awani’s The Marketplace which aired on the 13th of July 2017.

The host, Luqman Hariz asked a handful of thought-provoking questions during the interview. One of his questions was whether the company’s focus has changed over these years as Protasco has expanded from its roots in engineering and maintenance, to construction, education and property.

My answer has always been the engineering, maintenance, and construction divisions remains our focus. We maintain 15% of the Malaysian road network, and as a single road maintenance concessionaire, Protasco maintains the longest length of road in Malaysia. We have been doing this from strength to strength for the past 15 years in doing so. It is vital for us in Protasco to prioritise these.

We also discussed how Protasco has benefitted from the Government’s drive to build Malaysia’s infrastructure.In Protasco, we try to concentrate on our strength which is in the construction division. This includes highway and bridge construction as well as buildings; in which we leverage on the requirements to provide affordable housing to the public.

We also discussed how the each division of Protasco helps to drive the growth of the company. I shared how the maintenance division’s projects bring us consistent, recurring income, while the construction and property divisions have the ability to boost the Protasco’s growth.

I was also really pleased that Luqman Hariz did not focus on just the company’s financial performance, but gave me a chance to talk about sustainability and our contribution towards preserving the environment.

For instance, in road maintenance, we use a technique called “pavement recycling” and “road recycling”. This technique means less quarrying as we use less of new materials and recycle the old material milled from the road.

Overall, it was such a great experience to be featured on Astro Awani’s Marketplace. Luqman Hariz and the rest of the Astro Awani production have been so welcoming and I am looking forward to return to share more on Protasco one day.

To watch more of the discussion on Protasco, please watch the video below, or click here.